Innonix is privately owned company of Fung Group


Innonix Technologies Limited is an innovative technology company focusing on the R&D and application of its breakthrough active protection technology to combat airborne hazards.  Safe air to breathe is becoming untenable, given the environmental challenges and human circulation globally, but at Innonix Technologies – it is our raison d'être.

Breakthrough Technologies

Our heritage in innovation goes back to the year 2000 when our international R&D team started with developing filters that protect against cancer-causing compounds in tobacco smoke, and in so doing, minimized and controlled the risk of smoking in causing cancer and heart diseases.  Striving for excellence, the team pushed the boundary further and harnessed the value of this innovation in an active protection to combat air-borne viruses, bacteria, fungi, pollutants, toxic gases and allergens.  The invention heralded a new era in infection control and respiratory protection for the human species.

Cutting Edge R&D

Today, Innonix Technologies leads the world in the R&D and application of anti-microbial/anti-viral active protection technology.  Its original innovation has earned the Company multiple patents and put it at the forefront of medical research in personal protection against airborne health hazards. The Company has built two R&D facilities around the world. The R&D facility in the US takes advantage of North America as a center of excellence in scientific research and development, and the supply of talents, to drive the Company’s technology development.  The R&D facility in Hong Kong works closely with the Company’s Shenzhen manufacturing plant on application technologies at the production end. 

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

The Company’s state-of-the-art ISO13485 and 21CFR820 certified manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China ensures quality production of medical devices that are safe, effective and compliant with USA FDA requirements for medical devices. 

RespoKare Face Mask

Our current portfolio of active-protection-enabled face masks provides both consumers and clinicians with the infection control and respiration protection they require to combat airborne hazards, without the compromise of user comfort and aesthetics.  The Company’s consumer brand, RespoKare (RK) is a market leader in face masks with active protection to combat airborne viruses, bacteria, fungi, pollutants, toxic gases and allergens. We also own other trademarks include BioFriendTM, a BioMaskTM and Curad -  marketed through a licensing agreement with Medline Industries, Inc. in the USA and Canada.

The USA FDA created the new classification (OUK) to our precursor, Filligent (HK) Limited in an effort to distinguish our active-protection-enabled face mask from those conventional untreated products in the market.  It stood in testimony to the Company’s breakthrough technology in infection control and respiratory protection.

Future Product Roadmap

As an innovative technology company, we will continue to explore new and disruptive use of the independently tested and FDA approved technology in other air care applications beyond face masks.   

Innonix Technologies Limited is wholly-owned and privately-held under the Fung Group of Companies.