Safe air is becoming untenable. The air we breathe is either polluted or infected, usually both at the same time. You have to breathe it, even if you can’t beat it. This is a losing battle, but you are not doomed.

RespoKare (RK) under Innonix Technologies Limited leads the world in the R&D and application of anti-microbial/antiviral active protection technology. Our original innovation has multiple patents and been put at the forefront of medical research in personal protection against airborne health hazards.

Our patented active filters effectively trap and inactivate viruses and bacteria. We have two separate fundamental patents covering different aspects of RK Anti-Viral Mask, and one other patent application so far that covers both the anti-pollution and allergy/asthma protection masks.

One of our proud creations is RK Anti-Viral Mask – the first and only anti-viral facemask cleared by US FDA. It is based upon patented technology proven by testing in US certified-independent laboratories in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations and pursuant to International standards. Not only has the FDA cleared RK Anti-Viral Mask for use as a surgical mask, but also allocated a new sub-category for it.

Our patented active filters are applicable to a wide range of venues and occasions that require safe air. From a high crowd density area to the breathing space of an individual, RK maintains safe, breathable air.

If you can’t beat it, brave it. Brave it wisely with RK.

Innonix has multiple patents for it scientific breakthrough Active Protection Technology