1. RK RespoKare Anti-Pollution Mask

2. RK RespoKare Anti-Viral Mask




RK RespoKare Anti-Pollution Mask

What exactly does it protect me from?
RK protects you from air pollution or city smog.

How does it work?
RK does not block, filter nor absorb toxic gases. It neutralises them. In other words, the air you breathe through the mask and the mask itself have no toxic gases. 

What toxic gases? Why?
For those who live in cities, air is invariably polluted. Polluted air consists of a variety of harmful airborne particles, gases and chemical compounds, mainly produced by combustion, vehicle emissions and industrial processes. It contains life-threatening gases, including nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, ozone, carbon monoxide and CFCs ( Chlorofluorocarbons) amongst others. Find our what's in the air

Don't other masks work the same?
No, not really. Untreated masks may filter out some dust and particulates. Some masks with activated carbon absorb toxic gases but the substances stay inside the carbon of the masks. That means the toxic gases are inside the masks. Only RK neutralises toxic gases to turn them to safe air. 

Does it help with allergies?
Probably yes. But may not be ideal. A dedicated anti-allergy mask would be preferable. 

Does it help prevent disease?
Reducing toxic gases intake definitely helps lower the risk of long term respiratory complications, but viruses and bacteria remain on the surface of the mask. We recommend our Anti-Viral mask for protection against airborne diseases. It kills 99.99% germs.

How do I use the mask?
Put the mask on and adjust the nose piece for a comfortable fit and seal, covering the area between the bridge of your nose and your chin.

How do I know if it's the right size?
Measure the length between the bridge of your nose and your chin. Our small size fits most women and large size fits most men. Do get our child masks to protect your children and opt for adult small size for children over 10 years old. 

What is that sticker for ? 
It's the RK unique stick-on Pollution Indicator. Peel if off from the liner and stick it on the outside of the mask.

What for ?
What it does is when it's in contact with toxic gases in the polluted air, it changes colours from off-white to brown. If your indicator is very  brown, it's time to replace your mask. 

Why doesn't the Kid Mask come with the Indicator?
Because we wouldn't want children accidentally swallow it. Your know how children play, right? Our mask is effective up to 8 hours, have your children replace their masks if they have been wearing them over 8 hours.

Can I exercise with it on?
High impact and aerobic exercises are not recommended especially those with respiratory and heart issues. However, we make RK so you are able to go outdoor and do something you enjoy.

Is it stuffy when worn?
You may experience a slight bit of stuffiness, but it shouldn't affect normal breathing. If you feel light-headed and have difficulty breathing, go indoor and take off the mask and rest. Consult your doctor if symptoms prolong.

How long can I use it for?
Up to 8 hours or if you are under severe pollution, replace your RK mask when the indicator shows dark down.

Is it washable?

Are there allergy concerns?
Do not use if hypersensitive to copper or iron.

Is it temperature / humidity sensitive?
No, unless under extreme conditions. Do keep the masks in dry cool place. 

Can the mask still be used after getting wet?
As long as its only drizzled on but not drenched.

I have breathing difficulties, Is it safe for me to wear it?
We'd recommend you to stay indoor under severe pollution if you are already suffering from breathing difficulties. Our Anti-Pollution Mask is probably your best protection if you have to go outdoor. Wear it but if you feel light-headed and have trouble breathing, go indoor and take off the mask and rest. Consult your doctor if symptoms prolong.

What is PM2.5?
PM2.5 stands for particulate matters that are smaller than or equal 2.5 micrometers. Particulate matters of this size are especially damaging to our health as it can be absorbed deeper into gas exchange regions of the lungs unfiltered, potentially causing DNA damage, heart problems and even premature death. These very small particles are also lighter, can be suspended in the air for longer, thus easier to inhale.

Why would I wear an anti-pollution mask? The air seems fine where I live!
Air pollution may not be very obvious, especially if you’re already used to it. But if you live in any major city area, air pollution from bad weather and vehicles could be a silent threat to your health.

How are Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide dangerous?
Nitrogen dioxide is a highly reactive gas that can directly damage cells in the lungs and other organs. Sulphur Dioxide is also linked to respiratory problems and premature death, and its release is a precursor to acid rain.

Are there other toxic gases around me?
Most likely yes and quite a few, too. A common one is ozone that exists naturally as well as a result of sunlight reaction with vehicle and industrial emissions in highly populated cities. 

And RK can fix these gases?
We'd like to, but unfortunately, we can't. However, if you don't want to get hit by these gases, wear our Anti-Pollution mask. RK neutralises these gases so you are breathing safe air.

What does it mean "neutralising" toxic gases?
It means there is no toxic gases in the mask so you are breathing safe air. There are masks, like those with activated carbon, that are able to absorb toxic gases but the gases are trapped in the carbon of the masks. 

Where can I buy RK? Can I buy in bulk?
Here.  yes.

Where are they manufactured?
At our in-house facility in Shenzhen, China.
The facility meets all manufacturing quality certifications including GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), ISO13485 and 21CFR820.

Do you sell the pollution indicator separately?




RK RespoKare Anti-Viral Mask

What is the mask for?
RK protects you against airborne viruses ,bacteria and fungi, including flu viruses, SARS, MERS and many other life threatening diseases. 

How does it work?
Let's say we simply kill viruses, bacteria and fungi. Our efficacy is up to 99.99%, cleared by FDA. 

How exactly? 
RK's patented technology enables 4 layers of protection: 
1. The outer hydrophilic layer draws infectious fluids and inactivates most  viruses and bacteria during this process.
2. The inner active layer further breaks down the remaining viruses and bacteria.
3. The barrier layer provides further protection from trace amounts of pathogens, if there's any.
4. The final comfort layer also acts as a final barrier, providing 99.99% protection.

How is this different from common surgical face masks?
Most common masks ‘catch’ viruses and other germs on their surfaces, but these microbes remain alive and infectious, they are not killed. So the mask is becoming a ‘virus hotels’, collecting live germs, turning the mask into another source of infection.

Does it only work for viruses?
Works for bacteria and spores as well! In fact, it's so powerful it inactivates 18 strains of flu virus, as well as other viruses and germs, including bird flu viruses H5N1 and H3N2, coronavirus (responsible for SARS and MERS), Ebola virus and many more. Check it how it works. 

Why is “Anti-Viral” important?
We are told to wear a mask when we are sick but that's not entirely correct. In fact, wear a mask before you get sick. Put on an anti-viral mask during flu seasons is probably the best protection because it kills those airborne germs. 

Why is it more expensive than common surgical masks?
RK is  treated and is proven to KILL 99.99% viruses and bacteria so it's slightly more expensive than common masks.

Does it work for air pollution?
No. But we do sell an effective Anti-Pollution Mask as well!

Does it work for allergies?
The filter layers may be able to block out some allergens, but such is not its intended purpose. A dedicated anti-allergy mask would be preferable.

Can it prevent STDs?
STDs aren’t normally transmitted through the air, so your chances of getting STDs without sex is very low. BUT our mask is also proven to effectively kill the HIV virus!

How do you put on the mask?
It should be worn with the blue side facing outward. Once fitted and expanded, bend the metal nosepiece for optimal seal.

Is it reversible?
No. Because the outer layer contains treatments that kill viruses and bacteria, worn inside out would lower the anti-viral capabilities of the mask, and may cause skin irritation.

Can this be used as a surgical mask?
Yes, but in high bacterial / viral sensitivity settings such as healthcare institutions, our N95 Anti-Viral mask is designed to provide maximum protection to HCPs.

Is this proven to be safe?
Yes, all materials used are classified 'Generally Recognised as safe" by the US FDA.

How long can I use it for?
Up to 8 hours under normal city environment. Up to 4 hours for extensive use under extreme conditions like during a pandemic or if you are surrounded by infected patients in a confined area for a long time. 

There's an odour when I open the pack, is that normal?
The smell is part of RK's formulation. It is from the citric acid that helps quickly absorbing infectious droplets to trap and kill viruses and bacteria, and transfers them into the Anti-Viral layer. You'll know the mask is doing its job when you smell it. 

Are your chemical treatment harmful to me?
No, they are very safe as long as you don't swallow it. The treatment is designed to kill germs only.

You mean the germs are dead? Where do they go?
Yes, they are dead and mostly inside the Active Layer of the mask. But don't worry. You won't "breathe in" their dead bodies. And because they are dead, you and others won't get a second chance of infection even though you touch the mask when discarding it.

Can the mask still be used after getting wet?
As long as its drizzled on but not drenched.

If the inside is contaminated, can it still be used?
We recommend changing the mask if the inside is contaminated.

Can I sleep in it?
Sure, especially when the one next to you is sick.

Can I reuse it?
We recommend this as a single use mask.

Does it affect my breathing?
There may be a slight feeling of stuffiness like common surgical masks.

Is it safe for / around children?
Yes, it's safe. We also have a child size specially made for children. Children have close contact with each other at schools. We highly recommend children to wear masks especially during flu seasons. 

Will it cause allergies?
Do not use if hypersensitive to copper or zinc.

When should I wear it?
Before you get sick!! When going through crowded places or near sick people, get protected by wearing it. It's a nice gesture to wear one when you are sick so you don't pass the disease to others, but it really is the best for you to wear one to avoid getting sick. 

How should it be disposed of?
Unlike normal masks which can collect pathogens and become a source of disease transfer, the RK Anti-Viral mask KILLS 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, remaining sterile even when disposed. However, We still recommend that you put it back inside the package, close it, and then dispose of it. 

Is it ok to touch the surface of the mask?
Touching the mask surface while wearing it  is not recommended. And this is probably the only time you'd tell your children "not to share". Sharing a mask amongst children is absolutely unhygienic, although it's very tempting because the child mask is very cute. 

Is it washable?
No. It's recommended as single use only. Washing it would also remove the treatment that gives the mask it’s anti-viral function.

Will it work against new / mutated flu strains?
We constantly test our mask on identified strains to ensure it's efficacy. RK provides almost full protection against most common strains of influenza virus, regardless of possible mutation. It also has a protection rate against viruses that is nearly 40% higher than traditional vaccines.

Does it work against SARS or MERS?
Yes. RK is tested to kill the SARS and MERS viruses within 5 minutes.

Does it work against fungal spores?
Yes. Smallest spores are usually around 4-5 microns. RK is tested to filter particles as small as 0.3 microns

If I already received a flu vaccine, is there any point in wearing the mask?
Definitely. Flu vaccines are normally around 50-60% effective. But If a flu strain mutation happens (such as this year’s H3N2), vaccines be-come far less effective. Vaccines are also time-sensitive. Vaccinate too early, and it could be weakened by the time flu season hits. Too late, and you could still be vulnerable to the flu before the vaccine takes effect. In all the above scenarios, wearing RK drastically improves your chances against the flu virus.