Have questions about RespoKare ? Our FAQ will help you with initial and frequently asked questions.

Who are the authorized retailers of RespoKare masks in the United States?

Please find below a list of authorized retailers.
Walmart – https://www.walmart.com
Walgreens – https://www.walgreens.com
Protectly.co – https://www.protectly.co
Peelaways – https://peelaways.com
Wellbefore- https://wellbefore.com

Is it normal there is a slight scent on the mask?

  • The ViraxTM coatings are formulated using a patented combination of commonly used food additives that are proven safe and effective.
  • Tested for compatibility with skin contact and safety from extractables under ISO 10993.
  • The mild scent on the mask surface is safe and comes from residual traces of acetic acid from the coating process. (Acetic acid is the same as white vinegar).