Notice of Unauthorized Dealers

Innonix Technologies has never authorized the parties illustrated below to distribute the RespoKare products which they appear to be offering.

–  Nexvoo Healthcare
–  N95maskco
–  XJ Beauty
–  RealHer Products, Inc.
–  Eventronic on Amazon

We advise consumers to buy RespoKare brand masks only from authorized dealers and we reserve the right to take legal action against any unauthorized use of our Innonix and/or RespoKare trademark(s) and registered patents.

Arizona based Company announces RespoKare® Child’s Anti-Viral face mask, the first US FDA-cleared mask to destroy 99.99% of human coronavirus within minutes, in America’s COVID-19 Hotspot

Arizona based Innonix Technologies USA LLCunveils the RespoKare® line of face masks, including the first FDA-cleared anti-viral child’s mask to destroy quickly 99.99% of human coronavirus as well as influenza and other viruses within minutes of contact with the mask. The RespoKare® line includes a surgical grade flat mask and a N95 respirator model that utilizes the same technology as the child’s mask.  The Valley-based company strives to bring stronger protection to residents who are looking for the best mask on the market.